I took branding photos for Sha and oh my GOSH she killed it!!!

We met in May in Downtown Raleigh on a rainy evening. I asked if she wanted to reschedule due to the rain that came out of no where, but she was already on her way from Fayetteville, so we went through with the session despite the rain and dark/gloomy clouds. I'm SO glad we did because I loved how the photos turned out!! Sha was so comfortable in front of the camera and kept moving and giving me the best poses - I barely had to prompt her! Her dress was gorgeous and stood out well with the Raleigh Union Station architecture.

We took half of her photos against the Raleigh Union Station building and then the other half in the courtyard out in front of the station with the brick buildings in the background. I absolutely love shooting in Downtown Raleigh because we have so many options when it comes to choosing different spots to photograph and different backdrops to have.

Sha works in public health and is considering a job change, so she wanted updated headshots/branding photos to use when officially looking for jobs. I'm excited for the work that we created together and hopeful that it helps in her job hunt.

Shared below are some of my favorite photos from Sha's headshot/branding session in Downtown Raleigh at the Raleigh Union Station!