Paulina and Scott were an absolute dream to photograph!! We started their couples session at an Airbnb that had an outdoor shower. I loved the spicy photos we captured here!! From there, we walked to the beach on the Isle of Palms and captured photos along the way. Once at the beach, we captured photos next to a boat, in the sand, and in the water. We even finished off the evening with some photos after dark!

I loved how unique this session was. A lot of photos that I take of couples on the beach are pretty standard, with cute beachy outfits and sweet poses. This session was hot and spicy and it's everything I could have dreamed of photographing!!

Having a fun, spicy photo session is something I think every couple should do sometime! Mixing it up can be so fun, and I am sure Paulina and Scott will cherish these photos for years to come.

Shared below are some of my favorite photos from this spicy couples photo session on the Isle of Palms, South Carolina.

Hosted by: Creative Exposures Workshop