I'M JULIA & this is henry!

photographers & lover of life

I am so happy you are here! I’m a full time wedding and graduate photographer currently living in Raleigh, North Carolina with my handsome other half. You'll often find my husband Henry working right along side me. He plays a huge role in Julia Renee Photography and I can't wait for you to meet him. We photograph couples and grads in the beautiful state of North Carolina and beyond. We get to be a part of the sweetest moments of people’s lives and it is such a joy for us!

When Henry and I aren’t capturing special moments together, we enjoy hiking in the mountains, throwing a football back and forth to each other on the beach, bottomless mimosa dates, roasting smores over the fire while camping, and cuddling our two kitties with a good book in hand.

Couple dressed up and walking together at Marina while smiling at each other

Photo Credit to Marina Kushnir Photography

To share a bit of our story, Henry and I met when we were 15 . It was my first day of sophomore year at a new school & we were placed in the same second hour class together. Henry immediately took it upon himself to ask if I had any gum. I lied and told him no because I didn't want to give away my gum to some kid I didn't know. So funny to look back on now! We became close friends throughout high school and were always hanging out in group settings. We sat at the same lunch table & were always picking fun at each other.

Photo Credit to Ashley Warren Photography

At the beginning of our senior year, Henry TEXTED me and asked if I'd be his girlfriend. I told him he had to ask in person. 1 week later, he mustered up the courage to ask: "So are ya going to be my girlfriend or what?" & the rest is history! We have been together since 2013, married since 2019, and are so glad that we get to spend every day together until we grow old. 🖤

Photo Credit to Ashley Warren Photography


Someone who is organized and very detail oriented so that you feel at ease and never have to worry about missing something or running behind on the timeline.

Someone who has a classic style that you'll love and who will capture all of the details that you worked so hard to plan.

Someone that you will connect with you and who will feel like a friend by the end of our time together. I just may tear up behind the lens while watching you on your happiest day.

Do we have anything in common?! These are a few of my favs!


My favorite cities, while wildly different, have to be Chicago and Charleston. My favorite US state to adventure across is Arizona. My favorite country is Italy - give me ALL of the pasta!!


Guilty Pleasure

I often times find myself browsing flights for no reason & planning trips that I have no intention of going on - and then booking them because life is short and why not! This hasn't backfired yet so I don't plan on stopping anytime soon!



I try to stay active in my free time. You can find me on a local greenway walking/running, lifting weights at the gym, or hiking in the mountains. I also love a good beach day and relaxing with a book. If I had a boat, I would definitely be on it everyday.



I start every day off with an iced coffee. I've convinced myself that I can't function without it. I haven't actually tested this though so who knows. I try to drink as much water as I can but I often find myself with a second iced coffee around 2pm.


Part of My Job

Being able to photograph such special moments for my clients. I love first looks with dad, bride and groom seeing each other for the first time, and when the gorgeous bride walks down the aisle while all of her friends and family watches.


Behind the Lens

I love to travel

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"I travel and photograph weddings and couples around the world & love every second of it! I've photographed in Italy, Greece, Paris, in the mountains, at the ocean, in Arizona, California, DC, the Midwest and all over North Carolina. Wherever you want photos, I will travel there!"

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