Graduating from college is such an exciting time in your life! Not long ago, you were growing up and living with your parents. During college, you made this weird transition to where you are living on your own, but you still have the structure of school, classes, a social life, and probably your parents still chirping in your ear about how to do things. Now - you are about to embark onto a journey into the rest of your life. (Cheesy - I know - but it's true!)

What better way to document this transition in your life than by having professional graduation photos taken?! These cap and gown photos will be cherished for a lifetime. Shared below are 10 reasons you should have professional graduation photos taken!

1-They are a gift to yourself

Let's face it, you deserve this! You worked hard to earn your degree and it should be celebrated! What better way than to reward yourself through professional photos that showcase your achievements.

2-You can have your photos personalized specifically for you so that you always remember all of your favorite campus locations

Do you want pictures in the library? Let's do it. Do you want to remember your favorite late-night snack spot? Let's take some photos there. This is your chance to be creative and take some fun photos throughout campus where you spent your college years!


I mean.. top-notch photos to show off on your Instagram? Why not?! We all know that in this day and age, we like to show off our acheivements on social media. As millenials/gen z-ers, we tend to show off all of the highlights of our life and let the world know how good we are doing. While it may be cliche, it's probably something you will still want to do, so let's do it!

4-Perfect excuse for a friends photoshoot

Have you always wanted professional photos with your college friends? This is the time. You will likely all be going your separate ways soon, so let's take advantage of that time together and create some fun memories. Let's pop the champagne and throw your caps in the air to celebrate!

5-They will be perfect Facebook photos for family to see

Facebook is such a great place to show off your accomplishments for grandparents and family members. Not all family is able to travel to see you graduate, so posting your graduation photos on Facebook is a great way for your family to feel like they are there with you on your big day.

6-Your photos will be a great gift for family members

Speaking of family members, when was the last time you gave professional photos to your grandparents and relatives? Senior pictures in high school? Or maybe even middle school? That was years ago!! College graduation photos are a great way to update those old, and possibly embarrassing, photos that are still up for everyone to see.

7-Your parents will be thankful

Your parents have done so much for you over the years-why not give them a gift of beautiful updated photos of their favorite person?😉

8-It's the perfect excuse to be creative

This is your chance to be creative and take some fun photos! We can take photos in your favorite places, doing your favorite things, with your favorite people (or even pets).

9-Your photos can double as a headshot

Now that you are a college graduate, it's important to have a headshot. Need to update your LinkedIn profile picture? Need a photo for your resume? Want to have a more professional Facebook profile picture? (Let's face it, future employers will likely creep on your Facebook before hiring you!) During your graduation photos, we will make sure to take some pictures without your cap & gown that you can use as headshot photos.

10-Graduating is a big achievement, you should celebrate!

You worked so hard to get to this point in your life, let's showcase it!!