Michelle + Trevor - Bell Rock Elopement Shoot - Sedona, Arizona

Michelle and Trevor make such an amazing couple. The bond between the two of them set my heart on fire. I could feel their love while photographing them and it made me SO happy!

I traveled to Arizona in early May for a bachelorette party and extended my travels so that I could have some time for photography sessions, considering I was in an epic location. Arizona is a completely different landscape than North Carolina and I was dying to capture photos there! I am looking to take on destination weddings, so I was hoping to create epic photos of real couples in their wedding gear to use for marketing purposes once I am ready to start advertising my photography services on the west coast. Michelle and Trevor were gracious enough to work with me and I am forever thankful for them!

Michelle and Trevor were married in February of this year, and so they had their wedding gear ready to be worn again! They came prepared with props for detail shots, two different veils, a jacket, a hat, and anything else we could have needed to create an epic shoot!

The lighting was harsh when we first began, and we were in a wide open space with no shade to be found. I was definitely out of my elemant because I usually shoot during optimal lighting, have a lighting assistant if the lighting will be harsh, and have the area scoped out before shooting there. This area was all new to me, but I did my best to make it work and I am ecstatic at how everything turned out! The Red Rocks are absolutely gorgeous. I was in awe the entire time!! Photographing in Sedona has always been a photographers dream of mine, so being there was such a highlight of my year so far!

Michelle and Trevor read their own personal vows that they wrote for their wedding days and it was so touching. Trevor shed a few tears even! It was such a special moment!!

Shared below are some of my favorite photos from Michelle and Trevor's Sedona Elopement Shoot at Bell Rock.

It's all in the details

The gorgeous bride

The Handsome Groom

Sedona, Arizona - Bride & Groom Portraits

Vow reading - sedona elopement - Bell Rock