Ben graduated from NC State with a degree in Civil Engineering and I had the honor of photographing him the Wednesday AFTER he graduated. I love photographing graduates after graduation day because campus is so much quieter and we don't have to wait for the best locations for each set of photos.

Ben's mom reached out to me to get his grad session scheduled, and told me that he would need a little extra direction and push because he didn't really want to do the photos but that he was doing it for her. She wasn't the first parent to tell me this! I love that most grads are willing to do this for their parents though!! Ben surprised me and seemed completely fine with taking the photos - he didn't need any extra direction at all!

Ben brought along his girlfriend Haley to his grad session. Haley and Ben have been together since MIDDLE SCHOOL! I've always thought it's cool that my husband and I have been together since high school, but middle school is a whole different level! I loved that!! They are getting married in July! They are having THE most exciting year!! Haley graduated from UNC-Greensboro with a degree in Nursing, so they both have graduating college, beginning their careers, and getting married in the cards for 2022. Haley brought along her purple cap and gown and we got a few photos of the two of them together in their seperate graduation regalia. The photos are so cute!

We loved hanging out with Haley and Ben on campus for Ben's grad session. We started at the Belltower, took photos at the Wolves and in front of the "State College" Smokestack, and then over on the Centennial Campus in front of Fitts-Woolard Hall, which is where Ben spent a lot of time in for his engineering classes. The weather was absolutely perfect and campus was pretty quiet, so it made for the perfect day for a grad session!

Shared below are some of my favorite photos from Ben's graduation session at NC State University with the Class of 2022!