Bride and groom looking at each other happy
Bride and groom in wooded pathway, bride holding bouquet of flowers
Bride and beautiful white dress outside
bride and groom staring at each other

NC StaTE Wedding - Raleigh, north carolina

On September 17th, 2012, Erin & Aleks began dating.

On September 17th, 2020, Erin & Aleks got engaged.

On September 17th, 2022, Erin & Aleks got married!

September 17th will forever be the most special day to the two of them! Erin and Aleks met in middle school in Raleigh, and have been inseparable since. They dated through long distance in college and then moved in together afterwards, once they were living back in Raleigh again together. As someone who is married to her high school sweetheart, I adore their love story!!

I had the pleasure of photographing their beautiful wedding day. Erin & Aleks were married in the White Garden at the JC Raulston Arboretum on NC State's Campus. They had a gorgeous sunflower themed wedding, which seemed so fitting to the setting and their personalities.

I had so many favorite parts of their wedding day.

Erin swapped dresses before making her entrance to the reception. I loved seeing the outfit change!

I loved the father daughter dance that Erin shared with her dad. The energy was so fun and happy. It truly made me smile so much.

The best man speech was great! Everyone was laughing the entire time.

During the bride & groom first dance, Aleks boutineer essentially "exploded" sending flower pieces everywhere. This didn't slow down their dance at all though and made it fun to watch.

Sunflower themed wedding Details

White dress hanging
Wedding rings on purple ring box
Brides White Shoes next to wedding invites
Wedding invites next to wedding rings
Raleigh area wedding photographer
White dress hanging on hanging
Sunflower wedding shoes
JC raulston Arboretum wedding in Raleigh North Carolina
Beautiful outdoor wedding venue
JC Raulston Arboretum wedding photography
Wedding decorations
Dinner table wedding decorations
Sunflower themed cupcake tower

JC Raulston Arboretum wedding

Raleigh North Carolina wedding photography
Bride adjusting in in mirror
Groom in white suit with sunflower on lapel
Bride having makeup done outside
Bride and groom looking at each other
JC raulston Arboretum wedding in Raleigh North Carolina
Bride and groom kissing near gazebo decorated with sunflowers
Bride and groom standing there gazebo with sunflowers in front of officiant
Bride and groom holding hands looking at each other far away
Raleigh North Carolina wedding photography
Groom hugging bride
Pride looking at camera outside
Raleigh North Carolina wedding photography
Tried holding beautiful bouquet of sunflowers
Raleigh area wedding photography

So many wonderful vendors helped pull this gorgeous fall wedding together. Congratulations to Erin & Aleks!